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Sobre a Marca

Sobre A Marca

Quem somos

Fundada em 2015, por Filipe Ferreira, a Bazar Mondiale visa oferecer produtos de decoração desde móveis aos acessórios, estabelecendo a ligação dos produtores aos clientes

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Our Mission

Connect the Artists of Design, Decoration and architecture with the factories and Bowmans Creating and delivering a catalog of sophistication and Quality.

Who is Bazar Mondiale?

Our timeline...tap over the year to see the story

  • 1972
  • 1988
  • 2000
  • 2004
  • 2010
  • 2018


Where everything begins... Filipe Ferreira, CEO of Bazar Mondiale borns. He has born already surroundded by the chimistry of FF& world, in a city known as the "Capital dó Móvel" where all the creation, producition of furniture in Portugal were done, and Filipe was part of one of the biggest and knowned furniture factory.


At 17's old, Filipe Ferreira, enter to his family compay, an knowned furniture factory in the field since 1960. At this time of his life, he was able to experience all the process behind the Art of furnishing but he aalso has learnt how to interact with aall typs of consummers(professionals or final customers)


In 2000's he has open his first own project - A Furniture Factory -inspired in Colonial, Provencal and classic styles. Selling to Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Germany...


4 years ago, the market was changing, specially the type of demandas as the size of requests (bigger projects). Filipe Ferreira launch his FF&E project - "IDEAMOBILE" -, an Architrcture, Design and Decoration Team, wich means Mobile Idea that stands for the speed which an Idea can be concepted and realized, even if its on the other side of the planet. He has made hotels, Global offices, buildings and so on.. in countrys as Russia, Moçambique, France, Portugal... with projects as Hilton.


Ideamobile was one of first office specialized in FF&E projects those years but between 2006-2010 other ones begun to see the success and potential of that business model and we start seeing the raise of FF&E focused on FF&E. Has we understood that the market were getting fully of new compamies, Filipe Ferreira decided to open the Ideamobile's range of services. He begun to offer construction, makeover and customized furniture. In this way, he was back to the factories world. By the way, a funny fact during this period was that Filipe Ferreira has work as business partner of Leroy Merli


Bazar Mondiale borns and begins to create relations and developing the Emarketplace focused in values as - CREATIVITY - TRANSPARENCY - SECURITY - LOYALTY - HUMANITY - SUSTAINABILITY - SATISFACTION

Chaston Eucalyptus Solid Wood 4 Person Seating Group

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